David Block began his career working for the legendary Chuck Jones on his 1974 CBS Special, "Riki Tiki Tavi". He then went on to work for Abe Levitow, another Warner Bros. legend, and Richard Williams on the theatrical feature, "Raggedy Ann and Andy."

In 1977, David entered into the animator's training program under the tutelage of Eric Larson and began his 30 year career with Walt Disney Studios. From 1977 to 1985, David was a character animator on "The Fox and the Hound", "Mickey's Christmas Carol", "The Black Cauldron", and "The Great Mouse Detective".

In 1985, Disney executives asked David to become a key member of a new division and create Disney Television Animation. Besides co-creating Disney's first Saturday morning series, "The Adventures of the Gummi Bears", David was the first to go overseas to train and supervise production in the studio that would eventually become Disney Animation Studio, Japan. After it's highly successful first season, David was promoted to Director/Producer and went on to direct "Duck Tales", "Gummi Bears", "Winnie the Pooh", and "Bonkers". After 9 years with Disney TV animation, David returned to Disney Feature Animation to animate Pegasus and several other characters on "Hercules". David also animated on "Tarzan", "The Emperor's New Groove", and "Treasure Planet". In 2001, David returned to TV Animation to direct sixteen episodes of the highly acclaimed series, "Kim Possible".

In 2004, David transitioned to Walt Disney Animation, Direct to DVD division to be animation supervisor on the feature, "Kronk's New Groove". As he did in Japan, David made several trips to Toon City Studios in Manila to train the artists in achieving a higher level in their work. Upon its completion, David returned to the position of director on the DVD, "Enchanted Tales", which was the first new animation of Sleeping Beauty ever done since the classic film's 1959 release.

In addition to his work on feature films and television, David has directed a theatrical short, "Petal to the Metal" and has animated numerous high-profile commercials for Mc Donald's, Kellogg's, Keebler, and Campbell Soup.

In 2007, David transitioned to computer generated animation. He joined Nickelodeon where he was animation director on the CG hit series, "The Madagascar Penguins".

In 2010-2011, David joined Warner Bros. Animation to develop new content and directed a Direct to DVD Scooby Doo feature movie musical.

In 2009,2012-2015 David worked in Disney Special Projects providing animation for Disneyland and DisneyWorld attractions in California, Florida, Paris, and Shanghai.

Since 2016, David has been a Supervising Director at ABC Mouse/Age of Learning

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